Saturday, May 17, 2008

All-Star Companion V3 (2008)

I had long admired the Companion books from TwoMorrows but never really imagined writing for them. I had talked to editor Roy Thomas previously about writing an article covering Shelly Mayer's Red Tornado but nothing fell into place. Finally, when I had heard that Roy was moving ahead with Volume 3 of his fantastic All-Star Companions, I got a wild hair and pitched him the idea of a short article spotlighting the one element of the original JSA that I felt was being over-looked: Ma Hunkel, the original Golden Age Red Tornado. Roy told me time was short and I needed to act quickly. I had the incredible fortune of being able to talk with Shelly's children, Lanney and Merrily, and his brother, Monroe; this made the article something truly special for me and Monroe topped it off by adding in some unpublished art and a photo. The article, "The One That Got Away" was accepted and the creative and talented Shelly Mayer got the exposure he so richly deserves.

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