Saturday, May 17, 2008

Star Wars Tales #15 (2003)

"Falling Star", a Young Luke Skywalker tale. Bolstered by my acceptance at DC, I contacted Dark Horse about pitching story ideas for STAR WARS TALES. I fell into the orbit of then-assistant editor Jeremy Barlow and with his enthusiastic support I began to pitch. To be able to add to, even in a small way, the mythos of Star Wars would be another huge dream-come-true. My first few ideas were rough but finally one clicked with the Horse and the proposal was sent to Lucasfilm. They rejected it. Jeremy urged me to try once more, asking for a Luke or Leia story. Somewhat depressed at coming so close, I blasted out another idea in about 20 minutes and sent it off. the Horse dug it, Lucasfilm dug it -- and I was in. Then I looked at what I had written: a sad tale of young Luke's first brush with going into space and the disappointment that followed. "Write what you know", they say. How true! I was further honored by the fantastic art of Todd Nauck and Jaime Mendoza and my dream of expanding that galaxy far, far away was now a reality.

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