Saturday, May 17, 2008

JLA/JSA Secret Files & Origins #1 (2003)

"Stormchasers", a Red Tornado tale. About a year before, I had gotten the idea to write a story about the android Red Tornado and his seemingly-forgotten JSA membership. In recent years it had been obscured in favor of his having been a member of the JLA. Telling Geoff Johns about my desire to write this story he urged me to do so and pitch it to DC. I went through six drafts, with Geoff's mentoring, and finally had something we felt was good enough with which to approach DC. On my birthday in 2002 I got the call from editor Ivan Cohen: DC would buy the story and publish it in JLA/JSA SECRET FILES. To increase the coolness factor they asked me to add another page, making it a four-page story. Not only did I get to write about my beloved Reddy, but I also got to put (official!) words in the mouths of not only Jay Garrick (a founding JSAer!), but also Superman. Zounds!

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